HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE #4: Thank you for your patience as we continue making progress on getting back to the sailing waters of the British Virgin Islands and St. Maarten.On our last update, we mentioned that we were in the process of assessing damages and an insurance adjuster has made his way to the islands to begin reporting on the current conditions of the yachts. This is a process but our goal is to be fully operational for all charters by December in both locations.
We are also receiving news that the islands are on the road to recovery as they quickly rebuild island attractions and businesses. Relief runs have been coordinated by members of the yachting industry to provide those in need with the necessary supplies. We, along with the locals and the tourism industry are optimistic for a strong future!

We offer customized packages based on the number of people in your party. Let us send you some pricing and availability details!

*Please note, for any party sailing with children under the age of 16, a full yacht reservation is required.

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