The following is feedback we have received from our past guests. This is just a sample of the responses in which we pride ourselves on. It is responses such as these that earns us the extraordinary guest satisfaction score of 95% of exceeding or meeting expectations on the overall charter experience.





British Virgin Islands Testimonials

"Made a fantastic effort to accomodate everyone's requests and needs. Highest marks from us." -Bernard.

"I will tour Festiva Sailing Vacations whenever the situation presents itself. I've been sailing for about 35 years and this was at the top of my "sailing bucket list." This sailing vacation topped my expectations! Thank you!" - John.

"We made 24 stops, snorkeled in lots of nice places, and saw a variety of things on shore. It was just right." -Michael

"We had the very best vacation, great experiences and sailing, snorkeling, sightseeing.. We made wonderful memories!!" -Susan

"We all enjoyed and raved about the food.. What they could turn out of a little sailboat kitchen was amazing!!! Plenty of food, great variety, delicious drinks and snacks.. Great appetizers.. Yum,yum!!!" -Susan

"We loved it! It was the best vacation we have ever taken! We can't wait to plan another trip!" -Janet

"It was the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get away from all the stress in there life. We planned on doing this again soon." -Pat

"It was a great experience and everything it promised. I was not disappointed about one thing." -Diana

"You could tell the crew really wanted us to have a memorable trip. We found this trip amazing. It exceeded our expectations." -Henry

"We definitely will be back with some family... or without them. Honestly, the best vacation we have taken thus fur." -Stephanie

"This sailing vacation was among the best I have ever experienced! I have traveled a lot and been many places but as stated this was truly one of the best!" -Patrick

"Every meal was a suprise. We got to try some new things, and the food was excellent." -Kim

"We really enjoyed the variety by visiting the different BVI islands including the local bars, restaurants, the Baths, the many snorkel spots." -Ero

"Meals and appetizers were out of this world. Gourmet quality. Always prepared and served without flaw. Plenty of salads, fresh island fruits and fish. Meals included a delicious dessert and if this was not enough to keep your appetite satisfied, there were baskets of snacks to munch on." -Tim

"The catamaran was awesome. Extremely clean and organized." -Tim

"We had a great sailing vacation! The boat was beautiful, well equipped and comfortable. The BVI is a wonderful destination and the individual islands each seem to offer something different." -Madeline

"A W E S O M E - What a great captain and extremely willing to please as long as what you want to do is safe." -Mike

"It was the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get away from all the stress in there life. We planned on doing this again soon."-Pat

"I think that we saw twice as many beautiful anchorages than the average boat, thus we did not miss a thing on this trip."-Mike and Linda

"Food was exceptionally good!  Excursions were outstanding and will always be fondly remember and treasured."-Sandie


We returned from our BVI sailing vacation a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it was the best vacation I have ever had. We sailed aboard Sealandia and the crew were the best! This was such an amazing experience we can't wait to do it again. Festiva did a great job of putting us with like minded people, everyone on the boat got along great and we had so much fun together. The BVIs were just amazing, the color of the water, the snorkeling, the friendly people and the sailing. The crew did a great job, we always felt safe and I think he showed us the best of what the BVI had to offer. Marv also did a great job, its incredible what she can whip up in that small galley. I also want to say the Lagoon 450 was awesome even though there were 10 people on board it never felt crowded." -Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald

"When Ryan and I returned home from our trip to the British Virgin Islands we both realized that it was the best trip that we had ever been on. We have travelled quite extensively so that is really saying a lot! The beauty of the islands is undeniable and somewhat expected. However what certainly exceeded our expectations was what the crew were able to add to the enjoyment of our trip. All 6 of us on the charter agreed that the dining could not have been any better. Thank you for making our trip the best it could possibly be, we will enjoy our memories of that week for the rest of our lives." -Rhonda

"We had such a great time sailing the BVI with Festiva.. They took excellent care of us, made sure each of us had the experience we wanted, whether it was sailing to Anegada, snorkeling The Indians, hanging out at the Soggy Dollar and Ivan's or enjoying fabulous meals. Both of them truly understand how to give great service and are caring giving people, while keeping us safe. Thank you both such a memorable trip."-Pam

“This was my first trip in the BVI’s and my expectations were wide open as to what kind of vacation I was going to have. Now that I am back home and reflecting on my time with the crew….hands down this was the best vacation I have ever had.  I can honestly say their experience with the islands, sailing and all-around-attentiveness contributed to my overall enjoyment of my time in the BVI’s. When you start on an island hopping adventure…you don’t know what you don’t know.  Having an experienced guide  who listens to the type of vacation you want and then tailors the schedule of where you stop, when your day starts and what activities you’ll do led to me having a vacation of a lifetime tailored to all of the fun things I wanted to do every day….all day. My mind is still wondering how they could possibly be spinning five-star cuisine out of such a small galley and after being at sea for three days.  The food was sensational, the service was excellent. For being on such a small boat, they had the presence to be there when you needed them and somehow let you feel like you had all the space to yourself when you wanted that, too. All in all, I hope they want Krissy and I back as guests because when we return, they’ll be stuck with us.  We don’t feel we could get any luckier with any other captain/crew teams.”-Brian & Krissy


"I can't imagine a better experience. All 7 of the other couples we brought with us were thoroughly entertained, extremely well-fed, and had the time of our lives. I would heartily recommend Festiva to anyone wanting to experience a truly wonderful trip in the BVI."-Todd

"Festiva provided such a beautiful sailing trip in the BVI several years ago that we were hesitant to schedule another. The BVI trip could not be topped – so we thought. We were wrong. With the crew we had an even better, more fabulous time sailing the Abacos Islands. Our captain loved to sail (not motor sail) more than any of us. Sailing these waters just lulled us into a stress-free calm, sometimes making it difficult to keep our eyes on the beautiful scenery. And our chef prepared every meal from scratch. So tasty and what presentation! The moorings and anchoring could not have been created any better in our imaginations. The captain, the chef and our four ship mates became fast friends before the first night was over. The only thing more abundant than the laughter was the vast amount of sea water we sailed on. Our individual conversations were fulfilling as well. I believe we all will be friends for life. We had the weather, the winds, the water, the scenery, the snorkeling and the food all on one boat of compatibility. It might be equaled; but it can’t get any better than this. Thank you Festiva!"-Sheila

"In a word, "pampered." You took care of us so well, saw to our every need and helped us truly experience the fun, beauty, and exhilaration of the BVI's. We have so many memories: The diving at Willy T's, dancing in the Anegada Hotel, snorkeling at Marina Cay, the hook-ring game, sharing food, getting "bushwhacked" and dining with umbrellas at the Pegleg. The special part of the trip was meeting the new family aboard and getting to love its members, one and all."-Katherine and Jeff

"We have been to the BVI ten times and this was the best trip by far. The crew put us up close with every anchorage and they kept the wine flowing. Our chef was outstanding with her culinary delights."-Mr. and Mrs. Tremel

"Wow! Too hard to explain just how much fun we had! It was unbelievable! The yacht, the food, the scenery, the companionship and friends will never be forgotten. We can't wait to sail again! They were the best!"-Mr. and Mrs. Somogyi

"Two words describe our experience ... "Truly Paradise! "What an outstanding crew! Simply amazing view, 360 degrees! Nothing but pure fun and sun! Made great friendships and look forward to sailing again!"-Mr. and Mrs. Kelley

"This was hands down the best vacation we have ever taken. Thank you to the excellent crew for their personal touch which made the trip special. Can't wait to sail with you again."-Mr. and Mrs. Boudreaux

"You made this week one of the best ever-sun bathing, napping, sailing, laughing-lots of fun with new friends! Food was great-It is a pleasure to meet you and looking forward to seeing you again soon."-Mr. and Mrs. Tyndall

St. Maarten

St. Maarten Testimonials

"Outstanding crew ,one of the best we have had in 5 years...They were very flexible and took us where we wanted to go!" -Frank

"Our sailing trips with Festiva are truly the best vacations my wife and I have each year." -Steven

"The meals exceeded our expectations!!! Delicious and healthy and always a beautiful presentation!! One of our guests had dietary restrictions which were cheerfully met at every meal." -Ray

"The crew were wonderful and met our every need and request. They were great fun and were perfect for our family."-Michael

"We had a great time visiting with others and playing games and just relaxing." -Joyce

"Our sailing trips with Festiva are truly the best vacations my wife and I have each year...Great hosts, safety minded, wonderful meals. Very amendable to our inerary." -Steven

"My wife Heather and I, along with family members, (Ray and Darlene, Glen and Kim) just returned from our most awesome trip to St. Maarten, St. Barths and Anguilla. I just wanted to comment on our trip with the crew for the week. They were just absolutely excellent in every way!! They are such great fun and have the best of personality needed to crew a boat. Always professional and accommodating. Not to mention, the cooking and food preparations were second to none! This is my wife and I's third sailing trip with Festiva and we thoroughly enjoyed all of them!!! We both cannot wait and look very forward till next year with a return trip to the BVI's!"-Sincerely, Happy and Satisfied Festiva customer, Sean



Greece Testimonials

"This is my 4th trip w Festiva. This was by far the best crew I've ever had! They totally made the experience AWESOME! Loved loved loved this trip and will recommend 1000times! What an awesome job pre trip and tour!

" -Lea


"I don't know if I can say enough about how wonderful Nikos, Yulia and Agelos were. What a fantastic and friendly crew! They really spoiled us. We have the best trip imaginable.

" -Joie


"This was our 4th sailing vacation and hands down the best one yet! The captain went out of his way to make sure all of our needs were handled! Everyone should book this Greek vacation ASAP!" -Barry

"Everything was wonderful. We wouldn't change anything. The Greek Islands are beautiful." -Emily

"The crew were awesome! I can't say enough how they made our trip so wonderful. They are so nice, friendly and helpful. Willing to share information and help with anything they can. I highly recommend that people sail with them in Greece... They made the experience unforgettable." -Emily

"Everything was wonderful!!!! Couldn't have had a more wonderful catamaran." -Emily

"The crew were a true delight! This was our 4th sailing vacation and hands down the best one yet!"-Barry

"My wife and I had such a wonderful time and we both wanted to express our appreciation for the trip, and, more importantly, whatever process you use to choose the crew. They made the trip work beautifully for all aboard."-Lillian

"The best vacation ever. This was our 30th wedding anniversary, we love the Mediterranean but both agree this was the most fun and relaxing vacation we've ever had. If you're stressed and want to get your mind 'tuned' to the fun side of life you must contact these guys."-Monty


St. John

St. John Testimonials

"You guys are fantastic! The food was wonderful and we appreciate your sense of humor! The trip had so many high points; the snorkeling, fishing, suntanning, sailing, beautiful beaches, and great company. The competitions were fun….of course the girls' team won! Thanks for everything."-Mr. and Mrs. Mancha, Carrie  & Chris

"What a wonderful week of relaxation, snorkeling, and gourmet food. There's nothing like the sunny Caribbean. We couldn't have asked for a more intimate time. We enjoyed doing activities we love - snorkeling, diving, shopping and don't forget the mud baths! The crew were superb hosts, multi-talented chefs, water experts and entertainers. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."-Mr. and Mrs. Kurley

"Our charter with Festiva Sailing Vacations was absolutely phenomenal… as in the best ever. When asked somewhere near the end of the week, what had been my favorite experience so far, I was speechless. Everything, even the weather, had been so perfect I could not come up with any one particular event that was better than the other. The yacht was truly shipshape and it went uphill from there. So much of our special time was directly due to the incredible care, thoughtfulness, skill and consideration of the crew. They are really special people."-Gail



Sailing with Family Testimonials

Both crew members were amazing. They did an excellent job of customizing the trip to our family needs. They were both great with the kids, and the food and service were impeccable.



"John and I went on our BVI cruise with my three children, aged 19, 21 and 22. It was, without a doubt, the trip of a lifetime. This trip was John’s idea—he had gone before. Personally, I was a little nervous about the family spending six days living on a boat together. But after only a few hours, my worries were eased.
Our captain and first mate, along with five yummy alcoholic drinks greeted my family when we arrived in Tortola on our first night. They gave us a run down of some important rules and some equally important plans for the week, which included snorkeling, hiking, and sailing around one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen.
We did all of this and more. I must admit that we did our share of imbibing at beach-front bars. There is nothing like having a cold beer or an island rum drink with your bare feet resting in the sand. They were the best of hosts—they took care of everything. Found us wonderful entertainment, guided us through underwater caves, and cooked fabulous 5 star meals three times a day. Not to mention preparing delicious appetizers accompanied by exotic drinks every afternoon when we returned from our ever-changing adventures. In addition to a change to see all the beauty in the BVI, the vacation was an amazing bonding experience for the family. My kids always snorkeled ahead and find wonderful fish- sting rays, squid, even barracuda- and took great delight in pointing them out to us all. We spent the whole week living together on the boat—just us—and never had one disagreement or fight.
The key to this great trip was without a doubt, our captain and first mate, who soon became friends. The crew could not have been more fun or welcoming. We were definitely spoiled and we would all love to have the opportunity to do this trip again" - Lisa

"This has been the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. You made my family and myself feel welcome from the moment we met you at the dock. Your warm hospitality and professionalism are credits to Festiva. I am sure all the other guests you travel with will be just as happy as we are. We will take with us many happy memories and my entire family thanks you."-Glen & Maureen, Brandon & Kristen



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