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The Grenadines





The gorgeous islands and cays that comprise the Grenadines are among the most popular of all Caribbean sailing destinations.

The Grenadines are a pristine Caribbean paradise. There are exceptional white-sand beaches on virtually all the Grenadines isles and crystal-clear waters offer first-rate diving and snorkeling among world-class coral reefs. Fewer than a dozen of the islands are inhabited, and even those are lightly populated.

Diving enthusiasts will find colorful sponges, soft corals, great strands of elkhorn coral, and a few sunken wrecks. Everyone will enjoy unspoiled beaches and post-card perfect Caribbean islands from the bow of a beautiful Lagoon 440.




By Plane:

Guest should fly directly into Grenada Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) .

Base Location: Grenada Yacht Club

The meeting time to board the yacht is at 5:00 pm on Saturday. You will have dinner aboard the yacht at the base that evening and the yacht will depart on Sunday morning at approximately 8:00 am.

Please note:

US Citizens must have a valid passport. Citizens of other countries should confirm entry requirements with their consulate. There will also be three crew members aboard the yacht: captain, chef and first mate.



Cruising Day 1:

The Grenadines are regarded by most as the "Jewels of the Caribbean." Upon your arrival to your beautiful Lagoon 440, you will be promptly greeted by your captain and chef and served an amazing dinner. Your evening will consist of delicious cocktails or a drink of your choice as you get to know your crew and prepare for an early morning departure.

Cruising Day 2:

On your first full day of sailing, you will enjoy Carricacou, the largest island in The Grenadines. The island is popularly known as the "Isle of Reefs" for its unspoiled coral reefs in the area which boasts with an array of corals and schooling fish, perfect for underwater photography. The island also features two wreck dives: the Westsider and Boris tug boats. If you want to enjoy the warm Caribbean sun, Carricacou also offers two notable beaches include Paradise Beach and Anse La Roche.

Cruising Day 3:

Today we spend the afternoon as well as lunch on Petit, St. Vincent, which is the southernmost island. The island is surrounded by two miles of white, sandy beaches and a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills and tropical woodlands.

Cruising Day 4:

Enjoy the view from the yacht's fly-bridge of to catch a glimpse of Union Island. Snorkeling amongst the pelicans diving to catch their prey is an unforgettable experience. Towering cliffs that plunge into the sea on either side of a long white beach make this the perfect spot to take a bottle of wine to the beach... an unforgettable experience. Dinner ashore is the perfect end to the day and welcomes you to an evening, where steel pan and calypso will keep you dancing until dawn.

Cruising Day 5:

The Tobago Cays is our next destination. Very often, pods of dolphin will come along and play in our wake. Snorkeling and diving on shallow live coral reef with their vast diversity of marine life is an experience second to none. Above the water, be sure to have your camcorders and cameras ready... Welcome to paradise.

Cruising Day 6:

Explore the island oasis that is Palm Island, near Union Island. After a fun day of water activities and exploring, relax with a delicious cocktail as your chef prepares the weeks final gourmet dinner onboard. As you wind down from an incredible week of sailing, you will spend the evening at Union Island, enjoying the sunset from the bow of the catamaran as you complete your evening under the stars.

Cruising Day 7:

After breakfast, sadly your adventure comes to an end - but not for long. You will already have made plans for your next venture with Festiva Sailing Vacations. Before you go, be sure to explore the beautiful island of St. George's, the capital of Grenada.  Enjoy an adventurous long hike to St. Margaret's Falls and experience the mountain waterfalls of the rain forest or learn about the rich history and culture of the beautiful islands by visiting Grenada National Museum.


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